Worldwide shipping is available for most items.  We ship for our Auctions, but can also ship most items that we have in our brick & mortar Antique Shop...  You can view available items (these will be updated often) HERE.

Unless an item is extremely fragile, extremely large, or beyond our shipping abilities, we ship everything in house.  The two of us will take care of everything from start to finish.  Shipping quotes, packing, and shipping items.

The majority of our boxes are recycled (picked up from other businesses who would otherwise crush them).  We also get a lot of donations of packing material, which in turn makes packing and handling costs lower for you!

We take pride in wrapping well in bubble wrap, using an adequate amount of packing materials (packing peanuts, paper, air bags, styrofoam), sometimes including double boxing for fragile items.

Carriers we use most often are USPS, and UPS.    If a buyer would like to use a certain carrier, we are always willing to work with you.

For larger furniture pieces, we have a transport company that we have worked with for years, who travels cross country every 4-6 weeks.